I spotted her the Instant I entered the restaurant. She was seated at the far left corner by herself, slowly twirling her fingers into her long braided hair while texting away on her phone.

Since I was alone, I decided why not head over and sit opposite her and see how it goes from there.

I sat and flashed her a smile that suggested I belonged there with her.

She was beautiful, gorgeous even and the skater dress she had on showed off the figure lurking underneath just enough to make my Cock jerk and strain in my pants with her small perky tits lifted a bit upwards by her leaning posture.

She quizzically looks at me and raises an eyebrow as if to ask ‘what’s up dude you lost?’

I flash her a smile and she continues texting – typical 21st century girl behaviour but I didn’t let that faze me.

I took out my phone and typed a short draft impromptu message on it “You look amazing in that dress. I want you to bend over raise it up and let me pump you full of hard Cock” and stretched out my arm to show it to her.

The expressions on her face went from mild to a mixture of something I don’t even know how to describe. She took my phone and typed in something and handed it back.

“How naughty of you. Then why don’t you?” I was pleasantly surprised to say the least.

“Toilet 1 min. Now”

That was all it took and she understood my instructions like the good girl she is. She arose and walking towards washrooms the jiggle that dress produced from her amazing ass was enough to make Lucifer Sin😩.

I bid my Time and after a few seconds arose and followed her since I knew where they were having been here before.

Scanning the area to make sure all was clear I entered the ladies washrooms and found her there patiently waiting.

Upon seeing me she martialed me into one of the empty stalls luckily no one else was around at that exact moment.

As soon as we were encased in that cubicle all by ourselves, sparks flew and it was like our bodies knew what to do without us needing to tell them to.

The motions of my hands on my belt hurriedly removing and opening my pants up matched those of hers raising up her dress and lowering her panties all while bending over in a pose that makes contemporary art insignificant.

The fire in my belly seeped over to my Cock that bulged with veins and throbbed so hard I felt it might start an earthquake while her pussy was moist and flooding with her juices trickling their way down her sexy sensual legs.

“Harakisha aki”She says in a low husky oh so feminine voice.

I take out my Cock and holding it in my hands proceed to guide it all hard and throbbing into her punani. I merge my way through and finally I’m inside her , stretching her and filling her up to my balls.

I move my hips slowly at first and she can’t help but let out a soft high pitched moan. The sweetness of me being in her enveloping all her senses making her body twitch and jump in response. She’s never felt it ….not like this anyway. The Adrenaline rush of it all making her mind go crazy.

“Nyamaza ama tutashikwa” I tell her while proceeding to put my fingers in her mouth to stop her from moaning.

“Suck” Is all I utter and she know what to do and does it so sloppily and nasty I can’t help but Slam back against her bare ass even harder.

My thrusts increasing in tempo while she jerks her hips backwards to meet me there which results in us meeting in the middle and producing sounds that are unholy for the righteous.

“Mmgfh dmfht sthop”

“Whats that Babygirl? You don’t want me to stop pumping you full of my hard Dick”


“You’re a needy Slut for me aren’t you?” I add while slowly removing my throbbing pussy juice coated Cock from her wet Pussy and them slowly slamming back into her.

I keep thrusting into her and she can feel the familiar tingling sensation of a bubbling orgasm just beneath the surface of her demanding body. Her jerks increase in tempo back at me and I know she is close.

I can feel it with how her wet warm folds are clinging to my Cock like a baby to a mothers breast. She jerks some more and slowly her legs begin to shake in response.

The orgasm comes crashing like a wave. All her senses are lost in it and the face she makes is so lewd but yet so damn attractively hot I can’t help but keep thrusting my final ones as I also collapse and as my glutes tighten, empty my balls inside her wet pussy with my Cock jerking sporadically.

We are panting like dogs in heat and I slowly remove my fingers from her mouth and lick them dry while she watches me. A small blush encases her face and she tries to hide it. I find it cute considering how slutty she was a few moments back.

I remove my Cock from her pussy and she doesn’t hesitate to get on her knees and clean me dry.

My Goodness this woman! She’ll be the death of me.

“Don’t clean yourself up , I want you to wear your panties over my hot seed and have it spewing over and making them damp”

“Yes Daddy” She says in a meek calm voice.

I hurriedly buckle up and pause to listen for anyone else in the area. Hearing no one I decide to make a dash for it and thank goodness.

I am out a few moments later with my Cock straining in my pants and my breath hurried while my heart pumps furiously.

I’ll never get over this Rush.

She finds me seated a few moments later at the same table I found her. It makes me happy to have her there her panties full of cum yet the demeanour she carries couldn’t make you possibly imagine it.

A waiter rushes over and asks for our orders.

Calmly I say “My Girlfriend will take a Sangria while I will take a Mojito on the Rocks with hambugers to go with for he both of us”

“Will there be anything else?”

“No that’s it”

The waiter then goes to get our orders and all I am left with is to admire my beautiful girl.

“I enjoyed that” She says

“I know, maybe we should do this more often”

“Yes Daddy” She says with a slow sexy undertone and I can’t help but Jerk in my pants at the sound of it.

I can’t wait to continue making her fantasies our reality.


I have this growing need for you

The dull hum in my belly is growing into an erection in my pants to have you all over me in a ravishing crazy erotic sensual manner.

This need is driving me crazy.

I can’t sleep …it’s 1.19 am

And I have a burning Desire for you baby 😩😭.

I knew from the instant I laid eyes on you that those curvy lines that trace themselves from the tip of your neck to the hem of your waist would be the end of me.

I can’t tell you all this of course…not yet at least.

But those sexy pics you tease me with just rage the beast within me and I want you to tame it

Tame me

With your Moist pussy on my face slowly grinding and moving sloppily like a snail.

Your echoes of ecstasy bouncing off the walls reverberating in such intensity and tempo it’s like I’m in my own Imax theatre

And you Princess

are the movie I’m getting to see.

How about when My Throbbing hard Cock gets so painful to withstand till I grab you from the back and pound into your guts senseless till all you can see is stars, all you can utter and whimper are moans and all you can feel is me lodged deep within the confines of your wet warm folds.

This need babygirl

This need

Will make me Dominate you sexually

Because I’m not Vanilla like most guys

And have you being a good girl to all my commands and Instructions

I just need you

I just need to cum inside you

I just need to flip you over and blow your back out like the nasty hoe you are for daddy😩

And bring out the inner slut that lurks underneath that’ll ride my Cock so hard and fast I’ll not resist the temptation to hold you in place and just pound into you continuously from below😩

Need need need


Why can’t I just have you already

My Sweet Little Slut….

She Makes Me

She makes me painfully Hard and Throbbing.

She makes me want to ravage her body sensually slow and harder fast😩

She makes me want to Dominate her and make her plead.

“Yes please”

“Don’t stop Daddy”

“Destroy me Daddy”

She makes me want to give her multiple orgasms seated on my hard Cock.

She makes me feel so dirty and filthy without needing to complain

And the best of it all

She makes me better with that smile and harder with that grind😩.

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